Tipper Trucks For Sale in UK

Tipper Trucks, over the last ten years, were among the most popular to be found on UK roads. Due to the large amount of construction and Infrastructure works going on throughout the UK, tipper trucks were very plentiful, and fleets were being upgraded year after year. Although, more recently, we have found the number of new tipper trucks being purchased new each year has fallen significantly. The decline in construction works has had a knock on effect on tipper trucks. Therefore companies and owner drivers of tipper trucks in the UK are now holding on to those trucks for longer periods of time. They are working hard to keep trucks in good condition, and get an extra few years from them.

For this reason good second hand tipper trucks for sale in the UK have become rather hard to find. Many of the good tipper trucks have been exported out of the UK and less and less new tippers were purchased over the last five years, resulting in the second hand market starting to feel the effects of this.

Regardless, by clicking on the following links, you will be provided with a large selection of Tipper trucks for sale in the UK. You can choose various makes etc. of tippers to help bring the search results which suit your requirements best.